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Welcome to our dance studio! We offer a variety of classes for all ages to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students. Together, we will create an unforgettable experience and help you unleash your potential in the world of dance. Here's what we offer:


For children aged 3 to 5

- Ballet basics to develop grace and coordination.

- Rhythm and musicality development.

- Gymnastic elements for agility and strength.

- Stretching for flexibility.

- Fostering a love for dance and movement.

For children aged 6 to 10

- Ballet to immerse in the classical art of dance.

- Stretching for flexible and graceful movements.

- Contemporary choreography for variety and creativity.

- Coordination and dance skills development.

- Acting skills to enhance expressiveness.

- Participation in competitions, festivals, and concerts for unforgettable performances.


For children aged 11 to 16

- Continuing ballet studies and skill refinement.

- Exploring various styles of contemporary choreography.

- Advancing coordination and dance skills.

- Acting skills for more expressive performances.

- Participation in competitions, festivals, and concerts to showcase your talent.

Ages 17 and older

- Strength and conditioning classes for the entire body, along with stretching.

- Classical ballet for grace and technique.

- Contemporary dance styles (modern, contemporary, jazz) for creativity and expressiveness.

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