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The Team

At International Dance Academy, we are proud to have a team of experienced and passionate instructors. We believe that our instructors are the heart of our academy, and we strive to create an environment that allows them to pass on their knowledge and expertise to our students with joy and enthusiasm.


Liubov Rozumnyy

Founder & Artistic Director

Liubov Rozumnyy - ballet dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, director. Worked in USA, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, Switzerland. She took lessons from leading choreographers in different countries and wants to give dancers the opportunity to find joy, skill, and confidence through the dance arts.

972.658.78.27 (text only)

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Katelyn Spencer

Teacher in Plano (Dallas)

Katelyn began dancing with Grace Dance Academy and later with Fusion Performance Company after moving to Texas.
She has participated in various dance competitions including Showbiz, Starquest, and Youth America Grand Prix. In 2015, she performed on stage at Disneyland.

Assists and teaches dance lessons for kids, adult stretching/conditioning.



Teacher in Plano (Dallas)

A Choreographer experienced in dance, performance, and design. Skilled in conveying meaning and mood via the movements of the dancers, lighting, and stage props. Capable of training and assisting adult, adolescent performers and children. Participated in more than 100 events and competitions. 

Jodi DeAngelis

Guest teacher

Ms. DeAngelis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Kinesiology & Health Education from the University of Texas at Austin. 
Teaches ballet, modern dance, stretching for children and adults. She is looking forward to teaching dance in a fun, supportive, and creative environment.

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