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We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering the opportunity to partner with the International Dance Academy, a hub of artistic excellence and cultural diversity in San Antonio and Dallas, Texas.

Strengths that Define us

Bilingual Instruction

At our academy, dance instruction is seamlessly delivered in two languages, creating an inclusive environment for our diverse student body.

Unique Offering

As the sole Russian/Ukrainian language dance studio in San Antonio, we take pride in bridging cultures through the beauty of dance, offering a distinctive and valuable experience to our community.

Rich Heritage

The ballet training at our academy follows the esteemed Vaganova method, upholding the rich traditions of Russian ballet and nurturing dancers in a time-honored technique.

The International Dance Academy is not just a place to learn dance; it's a special place where passion meets purpose. Our mission is centered on providing a superlative dance education that not only hones skills but also instills joy and reverence for the art form. We cultivate an environment of positivity, creativity, and unwavering support, fostering self-esteem in every dancer who graces our studio.

We invite you to join us in supporting our students and the community at large by becoming a permanent sponsor of our academy's development. Your partnership will contribute to:

•             Advancing dance education standards in our region

•             Enabling access to top-tier training for both serious and recreational dancers

•             Empowering young talents to shine on national platforms through our competitive dance program

•             Investing in the cultural enrichment and artistic growth of our youth aged 5 to 18

Your sponsorship is not merely a financial contribution; it's an investment in the future of dance, nurturing the aspirations of budding artists and shaping the cultural landscape of our community.


We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you and would be honored to discuss the potential ways we can tailor this partnership to align with your vision and objectives.


Thank you once again for considering this partnership opportunity with the International Dance Academy. Together, let's create a legacy of excellence in dance education and artistic expression.

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