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At what age can you start?

First and foremost, parents want to know if there are age restrictions on the level of activity, and at what age it makes sense to begin these activities. Some dance studios invite 2-year-olds to their classes. At this age, a child is already capable of absorbing information and performing simple exercises through play. However, based on our experience and modern teaching methods, it is better for a child to start dance classes at the age of 3.

It should be noted that it is advisable to start dancing specifically at the age of 3. These classes are presented as games, involving rhythm work, exposure to different types of music, and focus on a child's overall development. They learn to curtsy, practice hand and foot positions, take steps on tiptoe, and maintain posture! All of this is taught through play and adapted according to their age.

Speaking of professional ballet, it typically starts at the age of 10 (starting preparations for admission to a dance school is recommended at 7 if that is the goal). It is believed that at the age of 10, a child is mature enough, both mentally and physically, to handle the demands.

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